Company Vision & Charter


… 2012, nearly 100 Custom-Designed, Limited-Edition Sets of Original Print Designs touched around 25,000 People across several Continents………

…..later in 2012,  Divergent Thinking took hold & we exclusively partnered with the Virginia Studio of renowned Marble Artisan Jimmy Slaughter….... Producing uniquely Original  “One-Off” Genuine Black Marble pieces…….

… 2013, our Imaginations and Experimentation pushed us even further & developed what we now call “2D Skulpture Kunst” (2D Sculpture Art)……

… 2014,  SOLOVEY DESIGN.COM will launch offering an Artistically Exquisite Selection of Hand-Crafted & Individually-Tailored line of Fine Gifts for Homes, Kitchens,  Dens, & Club Rooms………….unlike you have ever seen before………

We currently offer:

  • Commissioned Original Artwork in Pencil, Watercolor, Oil on a limited-basis
  • Original, Limited-Edition Sets of Unit or Organizational Prints Custom-Designed literally from “scratch”
  • Black Marble Engravings of any previously-released Print
  • Black Marble Service Plates completely customized “to-order” for  Retirements, Farewells, & Achievement
  • Black Marble Memorial Pieces
Stained Porsche

Company Vision Drawingrs
"If you could try anything & not fail, what would you do?"
- Anonymous

COMPANY MISSION: Produce the Highest Quality & Most Passionate Art in the World in different mediums.  Compose each piece with an Unrivaled Degree of Exacting Detail & Refinement.  Thoroughly Research every Conceivable Detail.  Endstate: Meet the Patron’s Intent & Always Exceed Expectations.  Do what “everyone else” is not doing.


  • Never ever sacrifice Quality.
  • Take each new piece to the Next Level.
  • The patron is always part of the creative process.
  • No “Hollywood Art.”
  • Always give the Customer more than Expected
  • Be Prolific & Divergent.
  • Keep Originality a Priority.  No Spin-offs.
  • Give back to the Community.
Solovey art

The American Dream and Defining Success:  Success equals Fulfillment.  For me personally, fulfillment is the combination of three very specific ideals:

  • Probably the most rewarding concept for me is to “build something from nothing”-- whether it be composing a piece of artwork from scratch or to designing, engineering, & then building an automobile from ground-up.  All the while, pouring every ounce of your energy, talent, and heart into that specific vision.
  • Continually improve & seek to be the epitome in whatever niche you pursue.  And then expand into other areas using divergent thinking.
  • Then there is the process of taking that end product(s) and sharing it.  And then hopefully, others will feed from it & find inspiration that carries over into their respective pursuits. Then take it a step further--and mentor those junior to you.